About us

Garland House, and our sister site Magnol's Rest, and the soon to launch The Remise are the vision of one, and labor of many.   The outcome of a design and travel-obsessed Louisville native, these unique properties were created to highlight care & comfort at an affordable price. 

We take Southern hospitality very seriously. Garland House served for many years as a popular short-term rental, delighting tourists as well as former residents. We have hosted several Best-in-Shows, their owners, handlers and even their judges!  This is all to say that while we take special care to keep the place hypo-allergenic and scent-free as much as possible, although we do allow very well behaved pets with prior approval.  We try to be inclusive folks, and accommodating your children, be they human or canine, is part of life, and we understand that, and your needs!

Now, in response to changing needs due to the pandemic, we are focusing on professionals and families seeking accomodations for longer stays - from one to six months We maintain a beautiful, safe, and inspired environment, as we would for our short-stay clientele, we still cater to our guests needs and really foster that feeling of home.  We are fastidious with our care and upkeep, and maintain direct communication with guests, to stay informed and offer the best service possible. This is a family business, no management company, and no hassle.  We also love collaboration, so if you have an idea and would like to feature Garland House in your feed, photoshoot, video, whatever, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do!


We are always available for questions, problems and suggestions, just a text, email or phone call away. Be inspired and share - we’ll post your artful pics inspired by your stay if you care to join the community and keep in touch @garlandhouseville on Instagram or on Garland House page on Facebook

You can also find our sister property Magnol's Rest located in historic Old Louisville @magnolsrest

Inquiries Welcome


1. Relax & enjoy, this is most important.

2. Bathrooms Please always use the rugs / matts provided at the threshold of shower (corner gets a bit wet) and tub, both for your safety and to keep the bathroom area dry and in good shape for you and future guests. If using first floor shower, please place curtains inside tub. Your care is appreciated. Dry towels afteruse on hooks, racks, or warmers -- there are towel warmers available in both bathrooms, plug in and turn on, just please be sure to turn-off when not in use. There are gray makeup and hand towels provided for your convenience. Please do not use white towels for makeup, self-tanner, or any other application which may stain. There are clean rags under the kitchen sink and in the basement laundry area should you require for clean up. We stain treat and sanitize every cleaning, but will charge for replacement if we are unable to sufficiently clean marred linens, so please act accordingly. There are exhaust fans in both bathrooms, please use them. It helps to keep the bathroom dry, clean, and fresh. Squeegee provided for upstairs shower glass after each use to keep clear, its kinda fun too. Always keep drains clear by removing hair or debris after each use. Please contact us if you have any trouble. - Downstairs be sure to turn the shower valve completely open if switching from tub to shower. - Upstairs, the hot and cold indication on the handle are reversed for the shower - for hot face handle down - closest to turning off.

3. Parking - plenty on street in front and in driveway (to the right of the house from the front). Keep sidewalk clear. Gate locks from inside. If using backdoor entrance, the security key for the door is provided, just remember to unlock door for direct access. Make sure to lock gate and all doors when leaving, and return keys when departing.

4. TV - Netflix and Amazon Video is available for use, please feel free to use guest account or log/out to your own, if you prefer. Local channels are available as well, there is an antenna at the rear that can be adjusted, but better to try adjusting the distance and location of the monitor before messing with the attachments.

5. Recycling is important to us and our community. If you have cans, bottles, paper or plastics please put them in the orange container in the driveway, next to the front porch. There is also a separate can in kitchen for recyclables. Please dispose of any odorous waste in front black lidded garbage bin (the rear is just for back-up). The other black bin is for yard waste - as marked. If you happen to be staying longer or would like to help out: recycling is collected Tuesday and trash Wednesday unless schedule is delayed by a holiday, receptacles must be moved evening prior to corner next to drive and face curb as noted on bin.

6. We provide towels and bedding according to your length of stay and number of guests in your reservation. If you have any unexpected changes, or require additional linens please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

7. The butcher block countertop in kitchen should be dried off around the sink after each use - as well as any spills wiped up. Please don’t leave bottle, cups, or cans that could form rings on surface.

8. Please take care if using the record player and return all albums to their proper sleeve and replace in cabinet.

9. Absolutely no smoking on premises.

10. If any damage, staining, breakage or general issue occurs, while a guest, please inform us promptly, so we may take appropriate measures to mitigate.

11. Please consult with owner prior to using firepit at rear.  Feel free to use the record player, games etc in the living room credenza, we just ask you replace items as they were when you found them. There are darts / dartboard and card games in the basement, and horseshoes with sand pit in the backyard.

A copy is also available on site - in the red binder on the shelf below the writing desk in the kitchen. I am happy to provide any specific suggestions - just say the word. My top picks and neighborhood guide are also in red binder for you to consult at your leisure.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS: In case of an emergency, fire, flood, or medical, please first dial 911. The fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen, to the right of the oven in the rear of the lower cabinet. Please note its whereabouts and make easy access when using the electric grill on the back porch. Also for your safety there are armed smoke alarms with carbon monoxide sensors on each floor. Please no smoking in side. If you need anything at all please feel free to contact us.

ENJOY! *Kind reviews upon departure are always appreciated*